Word document creation API in Java

Jacob is a COM interface for Java; it essentially permits you to “remote control” Windows courses like Word as well as Excel. The document I connected to above is actually not to Jacob’s very own internet site but to a single page along with “cookie cutter machine” dishes for utilizing Jacob. The project itself is on SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jacob-project/ Yet individuals assert, and also appropriately therefore, that the paperwork is a little bit being without.

Documents with a fairly “normal” set of making use of attributes are properly assisted through POI, whose methods and user interfaces are acceptable and consistent yet in some cases call for a little bit of work. As Pascal states, documents with a not as well excessively high set of functions are additionally sustained through RTF. I have nearly no knowledge “performing” RTF but it is actually probably a little bit less complex than partnering with POI.

http://www.docx4java.org/trac/docx4j. I have actually possessed much more chance with docx4j than I ever before performed with POI.

If the sole goal is to have a Word Theme as well as to change some values in it, you may consider conserving a Word Design template as singular xml (certainly not docx) and then processing it with easy Java and with no Platform. , if you yearn for to perform additional (e.g. create lists listings tablesDining tables you might or even checklists understanding the xml may likewise think about comprehending own helpers before as well as creating Framework personal POIPrior to

Word has countless features: You can easily put phoned number lists starting at # 13 with unfavorable indents into 2 signed up with cells of a dining table featured in one more dining table that is itself aspect of a bullet checklist … you get the idea. When the POI paperwork mentions they are actually an operate in improvement, that mirrors what are going to possibly be a timeless state of making an effort to reach the (to our team, undocumented) requirements of Word.

I would like to create a word document making use of a template, change some variables (areas) and wait as a nonce word document.

I was actually believing making use of Apache POI, http://poi.apache.org/ is it the greatest for this reason? can you share your feeling from it?

Just before

. I am actually not certain of the particular status of the Word documents sustain in POI yet, depending on to the POI internet site, job is still in progress (can not say what this mean specifically).

Make use of RTFTemplate which is a RTF to RTF Engine that may produce RTF document as the result of the combine of a RTF version and records.
Usage iText which is primarly a PDF generator but can easily also produce RTF.
Develop your own customized answer (but I definitely would not carry out that).

The real perks are that you are able to function within the context of a real word document and also certainly not possessing to jeopardize through producing RTFs and so on

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