How to detect installed version of MS-Office?

One way to examine for the mounted Office version will be actually to check out the InstallRoot computer registry tricks for the Office applications of enthusiasm.

Performs any individual understand what would certainly be the very best technique to identify which model of Office is set up? Additionally, if there are a number of variations of Office mounted, I would certainly as if to recognize what variations they are. If I can find the particular version( s) of Excel that is actually(/ are) put in, a benefit would certainly be actually.

If you will as if to check whether Word 2007 is mounted you must examine for the presence of the observing Computer registry trick

As of Office 2019, MSI-based create are no longer offered, Click-To-Run is actually the only technique to release Office now. All together with this modification towards the consistently improved Office 365, additionally the major/minor model amounts of Office are actually no more improved (at the very least for the time being). That suggests that– also for Office 2019– the worth used in Registry tricks and also the market value returned through Application.Version (e.g. in Word) still is actually 16.0.

For the opportunity being, there is actually no noted way to set apart the Office 2016 coming from Office 2019. An idea could be the data version of the winword.exe; having said that, this model is also incremented for covered Office 2016 models

On a 64-bit Microsoft window, you require to insert Wow6432Node between the SOFTWARE PROGRAM and Microsoft scraps, regardless of the bitness of the Office setup.

I found this CodeProject which aided me out through this very problem:

On my equipments, this gives the version relevant information of the initially installed model. For Office 2010 as an example, the amounts match the ones provided below, and they vary coming from the variation reported in Documents > Support, which reflects spots administered by hotfixes.

I take it that you are utilizing Word 2013 or eventually. This is how the message boundaries now display. There is no option to create them show as they carried out in previous variations.

The Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word dll might not be put in also if Word is set up, for example if Word was put in before.Net was installed or if a partial mount of Office was done as an alternative of a complete put up. This is actually maybe very most traditional for partial installs of just Expectation – the corresponding Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook dll is actually typically not put in up until the user downloads as well as sets up the “Key Interop Setting Up” for Overview.

There is an alternative in “Page Format” to improve your Scopes. I think, this is what you preferred. Else, satisfy portion additional particulars.

An additional alternative, without making use of particular Windows registry keys would certainly be to quiz the MSI data source utilizing the MSIEnumProducts API as described below.

The other (quite minor) issue is actually that the “nonpayment” stipulation on the “switch” statement is actually pointing out “Too Old!” for unfamiliar variations. A very likely root cause of that code being actually implemented is actually that the model of Word (or even whatever) is too brand new. This resided in reality emphasized due to the upgrade created to this course to handle Office 2010 – before that update was used the previous model of this course was actually pointing out that Office 2010 was as well outdated!

As an aside, matching installments of different Office models are actually not formally assisted through Microsoft. They do relatively work, however you may acquire undesired effects and variances.

I possess a problem along with text message boundary in Microsoft Word. It shows around the paragraph instead of the entire page.

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