How do I convert .xls file to .xlsx using c# and without Microsoft office installed?

Microsoft Office when installs in the system a set of dll (vibrant link library) file is added in the system’s global assembly cache. For Microsoft Excel, this assembly is Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel. To transform a file’s extension programatically you don’t require any such dll’s to be installed in your device.

Now, if your concern is to transform the extension just then it is rather simple and can be done through C# without Microsoft Excel installed in your computer and the file can be also opened as.xls is Microsoft Excel 97– 2003 compatible workbook and.xlsx describe the most recent stand out workbook format however the altered file can not be opened unless all the information is read and converted to the most recent format.

C# Code for conversion of file extension is as follows, If you wish to read all the worths from the.xls file and after that transform it to.xlsx then it is not possible without Microsoft Office installed in your system.

You may not able to office interop assemblies if office is not set up. In one my task just recently I need to deal with altering format of older excel to latest excel format, as part which we utilizing in our company doesn’t deal with older format of excel (though its XLS, however base format is of stand out 1995). At time we have 2 options either usage MS Excel to upgrade that file or use any third celebration software application.

As MS stand out can’t exist in each of customer computer system, so very first technique runs out question, so we settled with 3rd celebration software called Farpoint spread, which offer performance to load and save file in between various format of stand out. You can try ExcelPackage library or OpenXML library for your job.

Your finest bet is to utilize a 3rd part element such as C# ASP.NET Excel Spreadsheet Programming API for XLS XLSX CSV PDF which do not require the installation of Office.

The very best C# MS Excel library I have actually worked with is ClosedXML.

Simply one example of it’s simpleness is discovered in their GitHub Repository at ClosedXML/ClosedXML for producing a workbook, waiting, and adding a string value to cell A1.

I have actually used EPPlus (totally free open source) and iDiTect (license-required).

iDiTect is truly excellent. One requirement I had was to produce a dropdown list from the contents of a variety, something EPPlus might not do at the time (though that may not be something you need). I think I had the exact same problem with pivot table assistance.

Your question does not make much sense, however I think I comprehend what you are questioning, and I’ll attempt to address appropriately – Forgive me if the response I am providing you, is not what you’re looking for though:-RRB-.

I happen to have developed a “WASTE app generator”, that enables you to create a database WASTE web app, that allows you to import CVS files into its database. It’s produced on top of ASP. NET, in C#, and it enables you to modify your information through for circumstances your phone, utilizing your web browser.

You need some kind of library to read/write xls( x).

You can use Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel – but then you also require to have actually Excel set up on the computer where the code is running!

Or, you can use to third part library.
When working with, I have been utilizing EpPlus, and like it really much.

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