Convert HTML to Microsoft Word Document

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I have an HTML document with image. Just how can I convert those HTML to word document (despite doc or even docx) but image is able to operating offline? I have actually been making an effort HTML to DOCX coming from codeplex, my CSS messed up (could not align center). And also I have no suggestion how to alter image with OpenTBS. I understand there are currently inquiries comparable to this, and also advised Open XML and all. Whenever you use an AltChunk to develop a document, your HTML is actually installed in the document until the following time the document is opened in Word. Then, the HTML is actually turned to WordProcessingML profit. This is really simply an issue if the document won't be opened in MS Word. If…
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HTML find image for C# webBroswer from resources

Html Software
I am actually showing an HTML file (Documentation.html)'s content inside a webBrowser control. The HTML data lies as source. string htmlFile = Properties.Resources.Documentation; webBrowser1.DocumentText = htmlFile; In enhancement, I must claim that when I open my URL in the web browser for the very first time, Chrome reveals me a security notification, yet only for the initial time. Satisfy help me, I truly need to fix this. The value of html is kept in chain. I need to have to analyze the html and also acquire the html worths of tr's along with only that are actually inspected. In the html fragment below, I need to have to obtain only tr that are actually examined. You can embed the image's information in documentation.html documents like htmlFile .Replace("Resources/Image.png", string.concat("data:image/png;base64," + imageData))…
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Export html to pdf in ASP.NET Core

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If you're simply seeking a wkHtmlToPdf-Wrapper, you can easily make use of mine: you'll need to change it a little bit for.NET Center. I intend to transport a part of html to a pdf data yet i perform none appropriate nuget deal. I desired to produce PDF documents from HTML strings. I wrote a cross-platform wrapper over it in C# for .NET CORE as well as its operating great on Linux! As of now its own only for 64-bit Linux, because that is the only platform.NET Core Sustains presently. You can easily utilize jsreport .net sdk if you are actually primary 2.0 additionally without even more facility nodule companies. This features to name a few features filters to convert your existing razor blade perspectives in to pdf. From…
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