Convert HTML to Microsoft Word Document

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I have an HTML document with image. Just how can I convert those HTML to word document (despite doc or even docx) but image is able to operating offline? I have actually been making an effort HTML to DOCX coming from codeplex, my CSS messed up (could not align center). And also I have no suggestion how to alter image with OpenTBS. I understand there are currently inquiries comparable to this, and also advised Open XML and all. Whenever you use an AltChunk to develop a document, your HTML is actually installed in the document until the following time the document is opened in Word. Then, the HTML is actually turned to WordProcessingML profit. This is really simply an issue if the document won't be opened in MS Word. If…
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Word document creation API in Java

Word Document software
Jacob is a COM interface for Java; it essentially permits you to "remote control" Windows courses like Word as well as Excel. The document I connected to above is actually not to Jacob's very own internet site but to a single page along with "cookie cutter machine" dishes for utilizing Jacob. The project itself is on SourceForge: Yet individuals assert, and also appropriately therefore, that the paperwork is a little bit being without. Documents with a fairly "normal" set of making use of attributes are properly assisted through POI, whose methods and user interfaces are acceptable and consistent yet in some cases call for a little bit of work. As Pascal states, documents with a not as well excessively high set of functions are additionally sustained through RTF. I…
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