API Call From Word Web Add-In (Office.Js) Is Not Working: CORS Issue?

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Carry Out CORS in Internet api considering that succeed office.js works with diffent slot and also ties stand-in object of hosting server inside stand out while web api are had on an additional port so it is actually comparable to having 2 various domains on regional so browser automatically obstructs demand brought in. Unsure why I am receiving "Get access to Denied" mistake from Word-Add-In, if CORS is actually the concern at that point my test application (# 2) shouldn't have functioned, remedy? I have tried telephone call JSON using "$. ajax", "XMLHttpRequest" but it failed to work.I could be skipping some setup environments. thus are you mentioning that if you try a CORS demand via Office-JS, and also your api endpoint isn't SSL, Office JS JavaScript will reject it…
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.doc to pdf using C#

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I' am actually entrusted with changing tons of .docx data to .pdf in c#. And the only method my administrator desires me to perform this is with MSWord 2010. I understand I must be actually capable to automate this with C# library hands free operation. Just complication is I do not recognize just how as well as where to start. I tried seeking some tutorials yet was not able to discover any kind of (Might be I may possess, but I do not know what I am actually seeking). Now I'm checking out with this. Do not recognize how practical this is going to be. An easy instance using comtypes, changing a solitary data, input and outcome filenames offered as commandline arguments: have actually worked on this complication for half…
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